The top layer of oil pits usually contains fine sands & debris, this layer is skimmed out and sent to the sludge recovery plant. The plant treats & separates the sediments from oil. Weathered oil requires a great deal of processing & preheating before actual separation is achieved. The Sludge Plant is fixed on a skid system to make it portable. It takes three 20ft containers to move the system from one site to another.

NCC has carefully evaluated & screened separation technologies for its project at Shuaiba oil pits. After careful analysis of systems achievement, capacity & cost, we selected the UK Willacy Sludge Management System. It is a complete solution where the weathered oil is heated up to just above 70º C & the debris & fine stones are sieved out. The screened oil is sent back to a heat exchanger to control the temperature at 70º C before entering the separation phase.

NCC Processing KNPC weathered Oil Waste Pit.