Quality, Health & Safety and Environment

NCC is accredited to the internationally recognized standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 22000 and therefore already operates under a clearly established Integrated Management System. Our well established operating policies, standard operating procedures and work instructions support the existing business and also allow us to offer very high levels of service integration and mobilization to our clients.

THE QHSEMS provides a common framework for determining and implementing policy and procedures, complying with all applicable and regulatory and client requirements, measuring key performance indicators and monitoring and improving performance.

Quality Control and Customer Care

We are committed to providing a service which is consistently checked to ensure that high standards are maintained.

Quality Inspection Team are designated to monitor our Project performance. Extensive inspections, frequent spot checks, regular courtesy visits to clients and continuous trainings to our workforce are providing to improve our quality services. We understand the importance of good communication and demonstrating our commitment by providing regular management visits to our clients' premises.

For an effective communication with customers, Customer Satisfaction Surveys are conducting and evaluating the customer feed backs periodically. Feedback is most often gathered using different mediums to listen to our clients. NCC has allocated a 24 hour hotline to receive the client’s requests, suggestions and complaints regarding our business activities. This commitment translates into the necessary resources to achieve continuous improvement.




Specialist Machineries


Subsidiary Companies