Tank Cleaning is classically done with a large number of labours. New regulations have limited the entry to one person for safety reasons. Other EU regulations are prohibiting any man entry. We use hydro dozer technique to clean tanks. The hydro dozer comes in pieces and is assembled inside the tank by our experts. It is driven by one person only, the driver breath through an air quality breathing system placed out side the tank & in a safe place (upwind).

The hydro dozer operates on hydraulic power to eliminate the risks of spark inside the storage tanks. The wheels are made out of rubber material also to prevent sparks. The front scrubbing blade is provided with a thick rubber material to prevent damage of the epoxy coating layer of the tank.

The hydro dozer scraps the sludge & pushes it toward the tank or man way. Next, a vacuum truck will suck out the sludge and pumped directly to the Willacy sludge recovery plant.