The bed soil of oil pit/lakes is usually contaminated with petroleum materials. The contamination is expressed as a percentage or parts per million of total petroleum hydrocarbon “TPH “. TPH content of the contaminated soil shall be treated in accordance with local regulations or customers requirements.

NCC implements several decontamination and treatments methods, they are:
1. Anaerobic Thermal Adsorption Unit - (ATDU)
2. Bioremediation
3. Electrochemical
4. Bacterial injection
5. Hydro pro reactor
6. Soil Washing

NCC has researched and evaluated most of the available technologies in the market. The screening and selection process was based on treatment time, contamination level reduction, manpower, maintenance & energy cost. Recently, the Anaerobic Thermal Desorption Unit is used for viscous contaminated soil / sludge (heavy & HC), and bioremediation for low-end HC.

Bore holes locations are carefully selected to cover the contamination area of Shuaiba oil pits