Underneath the sludge, lays down the contaminated soil. Boreholes are necessary at this stage to estimate the fate and extent of contamination. Usually, the soil is contaminated with what is known as Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH). The contamination level varies drastically according to soil permeability & characteristics.

NCC has adopted & implemented very sophisticated 3D visualization “Based on ESRIS” modelling software. Primary, a net work of reprehensive boreholes have to be constructed around the contaminated areas. The purpose of the boreholes is to obtain interval samples for further analysis of soil profile & chemical analysis. Knowing the soil profile would attribute to selection of treatment technology.

The boreholes excavated & information is fed to the software Tool to predict contamination level. locations are carefully selected to cover the contamination area.

Willacy Sludge Treatment Plant at Shuaiba