API Separators are mainly used for oil water separation in the refineries. Refineries wastewater (oily type) is usually sent to API separators. The sediment waste in water is precipitated at the bottom of the API separators. We remove the sludge on line utilizing the hydro dredger robotic machine without the need for shutting down the refinery. The hydro dredger is provided with a screw type centrifugal pump. The hydro dredger works on the principle of breaking down the sludge chunks & makes it homogenous for pumping. The first pass of pumping is recycled back into the top loading tanker for further sludge processing.

NCC has used the systems at:
• KNPC Ahmadi Refinery
• KNPC Shuaiba Refinery (GTA 2006)
• Equate Petrochemical Plant (Fire Basin)
• Oil Lakes