Anaerobic thermal adsorption is a state of the art technology. It meant to reduce the TPH level down to zero PPM and yet recover the petroleum product. The unit usually operates at temperature up to 450◦ c and with the absence of oxygen. All Vaporized petroleum product are recovered through the vapour recovery operation. The ATDU process is a unique technology as it can be mobilized from one site to another with minimum time and cost.

The ATDU can recover up to 10 Tons per hour of contaminated soil. The soil doesn’t get in direct contact with the burner flame. Rather, the soil is fed into a long drum. The drum rotates & the heat is transferred (desorption) to the soil “just like roasting the soil”. The air emissions produced by the burner is purified through the air pollution control system provided with the ATDU. This technology is very effective in treating a wide range of contaminated soil including:

• Drilling Muds
• Mercury Contaminated Soil.
• Drying (oily/water waste).
• Drying activated carbon.
• Drying municipal sludge.