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Since our humble inception 35 years ago with a couple of dedicated and enterprising individuals; we have grown into a major share holding company with a multinational workforce exceeding 10000 and equipped with over 2500 specialist machineries to support our business.

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The Quality Assurance Department is responsible for developing, reviewing and maintaining the Group's Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management systems as per the "ISO 9001:2008 ,ISO 14001: 2004",OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 22000:2005” standards, in addition to internal audits.

Customer Care

NCC has built a strong partnership with the community it serves, which is its ultimate target. Therefore, it has allocated a 24-hour hotline to receive the citizens’ requests, suggestions and complaints...

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We are committed to providing a service which is consistently checked to ensure that high standards are maintained.





Oil lakes / oil pits are made for the purpose of dumping liquid waste material generated by petroleum industry and other industrial activities. As time passes the collected oil and hydrocarbon waste become weathered where light aromatics evaporate and heavy ends hydrocarbons are left behind. Stored hydrocarbon liquid wastes may also leak through pits walls and ground and contaminate the soil.

NCC is actively engaged in the clean up of OIL LAKES AND pits. Each oil pit has its own characteristics & waste content. The general cleaning approach is: pit profiling and sample analysis. This step is very important in which the exact content and depth of wastes are identified.


Total Petroleum Sludge Management

The top layer of oil pits usually contains fine sands & debris, this layer is skimmed out and sent to the sludge recovery plant. The plant treats & separates the sediments from oil.


Soil Treatment Boreholes Assessment

Underneath the sludge, lays down the contaminated soil. Boreholes are necessary at this stage to estimate the fate and extent of contamination. Usually, the soil is contaminated with what is known as Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH).



Bioremediation is a classical method for the reduction of TPH levels is soil. It is the process of using organisms to convert hazardous pollutants into less toxic compounds and involves the manipulation of the process of molecular degradation of compounds through biological Activity.


Crude Oil Tanks Sludge Quantification

Petroleum Sludge results from sediment precipitation during the storage of crude oil in the storage tanks. Sludge presents a threat for floating roof type storage tanks.



Wastewater is industries most challenging issue. NCC offers customized solutions and services to help industries achieve fluid management goals and meeting discharge effluents limits. Over the years, the company has gained reliable experience with many types of wastewater and offers the client high-performance treatment systems for a wide range of wastewater types and industries. Our services include Wastewater characterization and treatability, plant design, equipments and systems supply, installation, start-up, careful monitoring of treatment process and after sale services and technical support through highly qualified engineering staff and technicians.


Car Wash Water Recycling

NCC offers a convince solution for domestic sewage treatment. We represent UtilEco, a multi-national group of companies specializing in the development, commercialization and implementation of natural technologies geared towards preservation, protection and clean-up of the environment.

UtilEco offers state-of-the-art, modular, sewage treatment systems which provide primary, secondary and tertiary treatment, to rapidly decontaminate sewage water to meet compliance with European Union, EPA, and local environmental discharge standards, as well as, recycle water standards for irrigation purposes using DAKARIN® technology, an all natural, state of the art technology for odor-free, high efficiency treatment of waste water.

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